Hypnosis and its allied therapies are known for their ability to provide effective relief from stress, anxiety and unwanted or unhelpful habit patterns such as addiction and insomnia. They can also help to strengthen your focus in pursuing any goal you may choose. It is not a miracle. It takes work and commitment, yet people often surprise themselves when they are able to make changes for which they hoped but never thought possible.

Reduce stress and anxiety

While we all need a challenge, excessive stress undermines physical health and self esteem. We tend to feel stressed when perceived demands outweigh our ability to cope. Those demands may be internal: arising from a tendency to worry, perfectionism or low self esteem. Or they may stem from somewhere else: a difficult relationship, life situation or the anticipation of an upcoming examination. Some anxieties (phobias) relate to particular situations, like flying, public speaking or other performance activities. Others are more general, resulting from childhood experiences or traumatic events.

What can be done?

There are several ways to reduce stress and anxiety effectively. Exploring the causes of your present reactions an help to identify the triggers that set you off. With practice, it is possible to regulate your physiological response, allowing you to feel more relaxed so you can perceive and deal with situations differently.

Break unwanted habits

Habitual behaviour can be tremendously useful, enabling us to master complex skills and deal with everyday tasks with little conscious effort; except, that is, when we find ourselves repeating a destructive or undesirable pattern of behaviour that we really want to stop. Smoking, excessive drinking, drug addiction, disordered eating patterns and some emotional reactions depend on habits that are learned somehow and can be very hard to change.

What can be done?

Habits are patterns of behaviour that seem to fulfil a need but can have damaging results. Together, we will explore the needs you try to fulfil through your unwanted habit. We can then find better ways to fulfil your aims so that you can succeed in making lasting changes. A combination of psycho-education, CBT, and hypnosis is effective in stimulating a change of habit.

Improve learning, performance and confidence

When you know you are capable of succeeding but can’t seem to pull it off on the day, it might be that nerves get in the way, that you don’t really believe in yourself or the goal is not clear enough in your mind. Whatever the situation, we can develop strategies that will enable you to do your best when it matters most. Whether you’re going for a new job, taking an exam or planning a speech, there’s no reason why lack of confidence should hold you back. Whatever your goal may be, there are numerous options available to us to ensure that you are well prepared for the occasion.

Working with children

Young people can have a variety of anxieties that do not yield to rational explanation. They may need more than reassurance to relinquish them, for example, before an operation or visiting the dentist. Some habits, including poor sleeping patterns, thumb-sucking and bedwetting cause both parent and child significant stress. Children and young people often respond well to hypnosis and can sometimes make changes more quickly than adults who are more entrenched in their ways.

When working with young children a parent is always present and it is often helpful to meet the parents before seeing the child. For teenagers it is appropriate to work with parental consent.