Does this sound familiar?

“My seven-year-old boy has only just begun to read. His writing is illegible and his spelling is bizarre. Could he be dyslexic?”

“My boy hates reading. He says he gets headaches but the optician says there is nothing wrong with his vision.”

“My daughter is bright but she has no idea how to revise and is getting stressed as exams approach. Is there anything we can do to help her?”

My aim

My purpose as a specialist teacher and advisor is to foster the development of learning and study skills in order to help young people fulfil their potential. I aim to address both the educational and emotional needs of students, to provide and strengthen the skills they need at various stages of their education, to develop a positive attitude to learning and to resolve emotional blocks to effective learning.

What I offer

  • Specialist assessment, tuition and development of learning skills
  • In-depth assessment of your child’s skills and current needs, and a report with recommendations for support
  • Individual tuition tailored to the needs of each student and structured multisensory teaching programmes for dyslexic students
  • Support for learning and for developing self-confidence
  • Educational advice for parents on constructive alternatives available to them within the education system
  • Study skills as an element of all tuition for students taking GCSE and GCE courses
  • Assessment services for schools