If you would like to discuss which session is appropriate or make an appointment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Hypnotherapy sessions

Session Duration Fee Concession
Standard session 1 ½ hrs £75 £60
Initial consultation / extended session 2 hrs £90 £70
Additional time Per ½ hour £20 £15

Special programmes

Session Duration Fee Concession
Stop smoking 2 focused sessions of 2 hrs £200 £160

Treatment plans

An extended session is useful at the initial consultation, in order to explore relevant background factors, analyse the problem, carry out therapy and develop an individual treatment plan. Subsequently two to four standard sessions may be required, depending on the nature of the problem and the treatment. Clients may choose an additional extended session at other times during therapy. This allows sufficient time to identify current priorities, and to explore difficult or sensitive issues and carry out treatment.

Home visits

It is sometimes appropriate to treat a young child at home where they feel more secure. A client who has reduced mobility may also request a home visit. There is no additional charge for local visits but travelling time is included in the fee.


A reduced fee is available for children, young people under eighteen and students paying for themselves. The reduced fee is not compatible with late cancellations.


Please give forty-eight hours’ notice (except for an illness or an accident) if you need to cancel an appointment. Missed appointments will be charged as these slots cannot be filled at short notice.